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Why Jinway

1.Q: How is Jinway`s capacity?
A: We could make 35 sets of molds per month
2.Q: What’s the mold size Jinway could build?
A: We make moulds from small to middle and some big size, the largest mold could up to 2000mm*1500mm*1100mm (weight above 20tons).
3.Q: How about the tolerance?
A: Mold tolerance 0.005 mm, Product tolerance 0.02 mm
4.Q: What’s the business portion of automotive molds, and how about others?
A: 40% for automotive, 40% for electronics/industrial & home appliance,20% for medical/daily products/others.
5.Q: Have Jinway ever made over mold? What kind of materials you use?
A: We have good experience in over mold of ABS+PC,PA+TPE,ABS+TPE,TPE+TPE.

6.Q: How about the steel Jinway usually use?
A: We use steel of P20, P20H, 718H, NAK80, 1.2311, H13, 1.2344, 420SS,S136,S-7 and 1.2767.They are brand materials with good quality and original material certificate, all from famous suppliers, such as LKM,ASSAB,THYSSEN and DAIDO.

7.Q: How about the hot runner & standard components Jinway use?
A: We only use standard components from brand supplier like LKM, DAIDO, HASCO, DME; Have deal with hot runner from YUDO, Incoe, DME, Synventive, Mold-Master, Mastip, EWIKON, HUSKY.
8.Q: How does Jinway work on RFQs?
A: We need part 2D & 3D file or specific sample with detailed requirements such as the materials customer prefer on part or mold, expected mold service life, cavity quantity...etc. Exact quotation will be available within 2 working days once we get sufficient information.

9.Q: What is the lead time for mold building?
A: 3-5 weeks for small and mid-size moulds, 8-10 for larger toolings over 1.5 meters. So it depends on mold size and the structure complexity.
10.Q: How does Jinway guarantee the quality?
A: We will always be responsible for the molds Jinway made wherever it runs. Providing spare parts, replacement components, technical solution on problems and further assistance to keep supporting customers.